Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Study

Outdoor Patio Smoking In this booklet, we answer some common questions about the recent STANFORD OUTDOOR TOBACCO SMOKE STUDY.

See the Press Release and the Download Page.

Also read a memo clarifying the study findings for outdoor dining areas.

The results of this study are presented in an article entitled "Real-Time Measurement of Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Particles", published in the May 2007 issue of the Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association. The article authors are Neil Klepeis, Wayne Ott, and Paul Switzer of Stanford University.

This study is the first published in-depth investigation of air pollution levels arising from outdoor smoking activity. The main finding is that levels of outdoor air pollution exposure can be substantial near an active smoker.


Dr. Wayne R. Ott - pioneer in the field of human exposure

Dr. Neil E. Klepeis - long-time secondhand smoke research scientist

James L. Repace - international secondhand smoke expert

Dr. Lance A. Wallace - pioneer in the field of human exposure


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