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New Article on Secondhand Smoke in Cars

A new article has been published online (July 2007) on levels of secondhand smoke that can occur in automobiles.

Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Study Published

Drs. Klepeis and Ott, who are contributors to this website, have just published (May 2007) a scientific article on exposure to outdoor tobacco smoke. You can read a description and download the article, and we have also set up a page with some questions and answers regarding this study.

We have added an online booklet called "The ABC's of SHS: The Story of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke". This booklet contains introductory material on human exposure to secondhand smoke written for a general audience. You can read the booklet, section by section, directly from your computer screen, or you can make a printer-friedly version and print out the entire booklet (about 16 pages) from this website.

Website Just Started

TobaccoSmoke.Org has just started. We will be adding content soon.

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Dr. Wayne R. Ott - pioneer in the field of human exposure

Dr. Neil E. Klepeis - long-time secondhand smoke research scientist

James L. Repace - international secondhand smoke expert

Dr. Lance A. Wallace - pioneer in the field of human exposure


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