The ABC's of SHS: The Story of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke

Smoke Plumes Rising This booklet is a primer on the nature of SHS, or "secondhand smoke" exposure, sometimes also called "environmental tobacco smoke" (ETS). If you are new to the topic of SHS, then you should start here.

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[Editor's note: Although mostly complete, a few sections of this booklet still need to be finalized. Thank you for your patience.]


Dr. Wayne R. Ott - pioneer in the field of human exposure

Dr. Neil E. Klepeis - long-time secondhand smoke research scientist

James L. Repace - international secondhand smoke expert

Dr. Lance A. Wallace - pioneer in the field of human exposure


U.S. Surgeon General - Report on health consequences of exposure to secondhand smoke

ETS Exposure and Outdoor ETS - California Air Resources Board info pages

ETS Documents and Notices - OEHAA California government site

Smoke Free Homes - USEPA federal government site

SimSmoke.Org - simulate exposure to tobacco smoke

ExposureScience.Org - research articles, reports, and software

ExposureAnalysis.Org - resources for students