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Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping is one of the most effective ways of cutting down on smoking. Vaping is also much healthier than smoking as vaping uses water vapour mixed with nicotine instead of tobacco, which is one of the main components of a cigarette.

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How to make vape juice 102


Before describing how to make vape juice, we will first examine the structure of an e-cigarette. An e-cigarettes has striking resemblance to a pen. They come with a cartridge that is connected to a charger. When electricity is passed through the cartridge, the vape juice is converted into vapor which is inhaled by the user. The nicotine levels in the cartridge varies from 0% to 24%. To make vape juice, you would need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. This makes up 90% of the solution. Both the contents are mixed in the ratio 50:50, 70:30 or 30:70. PG and VG differ in taste. Propylene glycol is odorless and colourless. PG enhances throat hit in the sense that they increase the effect of vaping. Vegetable glycerin is extracted from plants. VG is colorless, odorless and is mildly sweet. FDA has declared that PG is safe for consumption. Propylene glycerin is primarily used in the production of cosmetics and as a food ingredient. Both the components are added to make vaping more effective. Vegetable glycerin is thicker and requires time to convert it into vapor. The mixture containing more amounts of vegetable glycerin would require more time for the vape juice to be converted into vapor. The solution containing high amounts of vegetable glycerin also requires a powerful charger to convert the mixture to vapor. The vapor comes in different flavor but produces more smoke than the traditional cigarette. Pre-mixed ready to use eliquid is also available online or in vape shops.



The remaining 10% of the solution consist of nicotine. Vegetable glycerin is added to even the spread of nicotine in the solution. The mixture is heated using the charger. Temperature from 400 to 700 F is sufficient to convert the vape juice to vapor. There are some tips to keep in mind. Always dilute the nicotine before adding to the solution containing PG and VG. Keep this solution away from children and pets. Do not expose the liquid to your eyes or clothes. Wash off the solution immediately if it falls anywhere on your body. E-cigarettes have a lot of benefits compared to the traditional smoking methods. In the traditional way of smoking, the nicotine directly goes into your lungs creating tar. Using e-cigarettes, you can dilute the levels of nicotine according to your wish. Here, the nicotine is converted into vapor first before inhaling.

If you are a heavy smoker and wish to control your level of nicotine intake, switch to e-cigarettes. Control your level of nicotine intake from 44% mg to 16%mg to 8% mg to finally nil. Smoking e-cigarettes might cause dry mouth for some users. Popcorn lungs, rash in skin, headache, etc. are prevalent among e-cigarettes users. The main advantage of using e-cigarette is that, they cause no dental damage. With the traditional smoking technique’s, nicotine directly enters your mouth. The chances of dental flaws and discoloration of teeth is hence higher. Smoking e-cigarettes however produces a lot more smoke than the traditional smoke techniques. This may serve as a threat to the environment, adding to pollution.

How to make vape juice 101

vape juice


What is vaping? Have you ever come across terms such as vaping, e-cigarettes, vape juice and wondered what it was? Vaporizing should not be mixed with vaping. In vaporizing, any material is converted into steam and is used for the sole purpose of inhaling. In vaping, the vape juice is converted into steam using an atomiser. What is vape juice? Vape juice is the most important constituent of e-cigarettes without which they are useless. The process of inhaling smoke from e-juice is referred to as vaping. Vape juice is also known as e- juice. E juice may or may not contain nicotine. Vape juice consists of 90% vegetable glycerin and the remaining 10% consist of nicotine. However, the nicotine used in vape juice varies according to the preference of the consumer. Nicotine levels would be as low as 0 levels, medium as 16 mg and may be as high as 24 mg. Now, let us look back to see the different techniques of vaping and how the modern e-cigarettes came into being. The first use of e-cigarettes was not until 2003. In 440 BC, the concept of vaping was first used by a Greek historian.


This method was standard among the Eurasian’s. The people would throw in some marijuana into red-hot stones until they disappear producing vapour or smoke, the people then inhaled this. If the intensity of the smoke and intoxication is to be increased, then, more leaves are thrown in. This practice is still followed among the tribal people in different Countries. In 1542, the first use of hookah was reported. Here, electricity was first used to turn vape liquid into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled through a tube from the bottle. The invention of hookah took a big leap to producing the modern day e-cigarettes. The techniques used in both hookah and e-cigarettes are similar. In the 1980’s and 1990’s the Eagles Bill Pipe and Vape pipe. This form of vaping is used till date. Here, the marijuana in the tube is converted into vapor. This vapor is then inhaled. A Greek pharmacist invented the modern e-cigarettes what is known as today. The invention quickly spread across many Countries by 2004. The U.K and the U.S were the first Countries who first legalised e-cigarettes. By 2005, the number of people using e-cigarettes was more than 7000. The two types of vaping include vaping through conduction and convention. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in different flavours and are wholly aromatic. People prefer their e-cigarettes depending upon the nicotine content and the taste of course. Some of the favourite flavours include Berry splash juice, vanilla custard e juice, coffee e juice, rainbow candy e juice, etc. Reviews on e-cigarettes show that it is much easier to use an e-cigarette than a traditional cigarette. People find it easier to smoke e-cigarette nonstop without growing tired. The vaping experience by different users proves that smoking e-cigarette is a lot wetter than the typical traditional cigarette.

What Materials can be vaped?

There are a number of weird things you can Vape. Some of them are as follows:
Vodka, Catnip, mountain dew, honey, green tea, butter.

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