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This website is dedicated to IQ Option Trading providing the public with accurate scientific information on exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The focus is on scientific assessments of indoor, outdoor & in-vehicle air pollution levels caused by the smoking of tobacco.

Knowledge of the levels of exposure to air pollutants in secondhand smoke is critically important for determining the health effects that may result from exposure and, especially, for identifying ways to reduce or eliminate that exposure.

This website is managed by a group of research scentists who study human exposure to environmental pollutants with many years of experience studying exposure to secondhand smoke. The aim of this site is to provide the general public with accurate and complete scientific information on:

1. The nature of secondhand tobacco smoke
2. The degree of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure that can occur in different situations
3. Environmental or behavioral factors that influence exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke

As the site grows, we will be adding more material and allow for feedback from visitors. http://smart-trading.ph/

Smoker in a Car We have published a new article on secondhand smoke levels occurring in automobiles for a variety of speeds and ventilation conditions.

Please see the Stanford News Article and visit the Download Page.

How severe are the pollutant levels in a car with a smoker?

Some representatives of so-called "smokers' rights" organizations have been mischaracterizing the findings of our recently published study of outdoor tobacco smoke performed at Stanford University. Therefore, I have written this memorandum to clarify the findings of our research with respect to exposures occurring on outdoor dining patios.

--Neil Klepeis

Outdoor Tobacco Smoke Study Published

Drs. Klepeis iq option and Ott, who are contributors to this website, have just published (May 2007) a scientific article on exposure to outdoor tobacco smoke. You can read a description and download the article, and we have also set up a page with some questions and answers regarding this study.

Outdoor Patio Smoking In this booklet, we answer some common questions about the recent STANFORD OUTDOOR TOBACCO SMOKE STUDY.

See the Press Release and the Download Page.

Also read a memo clarifying the study findings for outdoor dining areas.

We have added an online booklet called "The ABC's of SHS: The Story of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke". This booklet contains introductory material on human exposure to secondhand smoke written for a general audience. You can read the booklet, section by section, directly from your computer screen, or you can make a printer-friedly version and print out the entire booklet (about 16 pages) from this website.

Smoke Plumes Rising This booklet is a primer on the nature of SHS, or "secondhand smoke" exposure, sometimes also called "environmental tobacco smoke" (ETS). If you are new to the topic of SHS, then you should start here.

Please use the following link to see a printer-friendly version of the booklet as a single large page: http://tobaccosmoke.org/book/export/html/4

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Dr. Wayne R. Ott - pioneer in the field of human exposure

Dr. Neil E. Klepeis - long-time secondhand smoke research scientist

James L. Repace - international secondhand smoke expert

Dr. Lance A. Wallace - pioneer in the field of human exposure


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